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  Project Organization: Computer Cables and the Tupperware Cabinet!

Please click (or put your mouse over) the images to view larger versions :)

I have *ALWAYS* wanted to organize all these MESSY cables underneath my computer desk!! :)
It's so junky back there, I didn't have a place to put my feet, and I could never find the cord I was looking for! :P
Computer cables are one of the HARDEST things to organize. They're just messy!
Finally, after many google searches and compiling several ideas from lots of different products all into one, I came up with this:

I am looooving all the free space on the floor now! :)
I labeled all the cords with a Dymo labeler so now I know what each plug goes to. :)

My dad made the hooks that the cords are hanging on by taking a regular piece of wood (10" long)
and screwing six Square Bend Hooks into it (1.5" apart).

This is what it looks like behind my computer. Each cord has its own clip to keep them separated, and also to catch them should they come unplugged, so they don't fall behind my desk! :) That happens to me *all* the time. :P The green basket is there to hide the cords from the front view of the computer, and also to keep extra cords / cables / computer stuff.

So you want to get YOUR cables organized??
I did everything above for about $12
and I got all the supplies at my local Lowes home improvement store!! :)

Here's what all you'll need:

Cord clips, six to a pack. I bought three packs, and ended up using all the clips except one. :) I bought one clip for every cord plugged into my surge protector. These were on the electrical aisle at my Lowes! :)

Velcro strips. These things are AWESOME!!! :) Sooo handy. They're precut too! They sell these at Office Depot and Best Buy for 7 for $4 and 7 for $7, respectively, but get them at Lowes and you can get 50 for $4.47!! Great deal. :)
They had them in two different places at my Lowes, hanging on the endcap of the Plumbing aisle, and also on the Home Organization aisle. :)

Square bend hooks, 98 cents each. I got six of these; I planned it so only two cords would hang off one hook. I had 11 cords sooo.... 6 hooks! :) Screw these into a piece of wood that you can mount on the wall. My dad used a drill to pre-drill the holes in the wood. :)

And this is just for free. :D My new years resolution LAST year was to get my Tupperware Cabinet organized. It took a few months, but I did it, and it has actually stayed that way all year, so I decided to take a picture to show it off. :D I love being able to reach under there and immediately find a "top" and a "bottom"! :D

Thanks for looking! :)

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