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July 20-25, 2004

While browsing one of my favorite scrapbooking websites, I noticed they were having a contest to win a free trip to Camp Memory Makers in Valley Forge, PA (right outside of Philadelphia). All you had to do was reply to a thread to be entered, you didnít have to fill out a form or anything. So I figured, why not? It took all of 2 seconds. :) A few weeks later I got an email from Camp Memory Makers saying, Congratulations! Youíve won! I was thinking, What?? This canít be true?? I was thinking everyone mustíve won something, or there must be some kind of catch. I went to the scrapbooking website where I entered, to see if anyone else has said anything about winning. There was nothing thereÖ Over the next few days as I exchanged emails back and forth with the camp coordinator, I realized, it IS true! :) I was going to Philadelphia! :) AND I can bring a friend!!! :) As luck would have it, one of my best online pals, Lissa, lived just a few hours away from Philly and was thrilled to go with me! :) I flew up a few days early so we could hang out see what Philly had to offer us! ;)

Lissa and her boyfriend Joe, picked me up at the airport in Philly. Lissa and I spent most of our time in the backseat while Joe chauffeured us around. ;)

For the first few days before we went to the Camp, we stayed at Joe's mom's house in Philly. There I met Lissa's CUTE bunny Chloe!!! :) What a sweetie! :)

That night after we got settled into Joe's mom's house, Lissa and I did what we always do at night... Get online and chat to each other!! ;)

Can you see the Liberty Bell?? Yeah, neither could we...

The next day, Lissa and Joe showed me around Philadelphia. Of course we went to see the Liberty Bell. Unfortunately, they were closed when we got there. We were able to look through the glass and sort of see it though. Sort of... :)

That night they took me to South Street to check out the scene. :) We ate at the South Street Diner and went to some really cool stores. :)

Afterwards, we chilled with some Starbucks. ;)

Friday it was finally time to go to camp! :) The camp was one of the most amazing experiences! :) We went to tons of classes, crops, make and takes, and of course did plenty of shopping!!

I was absolutely amazed at the generosity of the camp. In addition to just GOING for free, they gave ALL the campers TONS of other free stuff!!! I almost had to buy another suitcase for all the stuff they sent home with me! :) I had the best time at Camp Memory Makers and I hope I am able to attend something like this again someday. :)

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