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The front, side and back view of our first house. :)

Pictures of us with our new house. :)

Well, we have finally moved into our new house and (mostly) unpacked and settled in! :) I took a few pictures just so you could get an idea of what the inside looks like. Please be aware that these are definitely the BEFORE shots. :) I have not done any decorating at all yet, but I have big plans for every room in the house. This is NOT what it will look like when I get finished with it... :)

The Foyer...

The Living Room :)

The perfect place for my scrapbooks :)

The Dining Room
The dining room is one of my favorite rooms. I love the chair rail, crown molding, the french doors and the hardwood floor. It'll look even better when we get furniture to go in there. :-p

The Kitchen

Our nice little breakfast area :)

The Master Bedroom :)

Our Bathroom :)
...You have no idea how hard it is to take pictures of a room with so many mirrors! :)

My side of the closet and Kevin's side of the closet... Hmmm... Who has more clothes??! :)

The Future Office/Scraproom :)
The wall color is Benjamin Moore Saphireberry... it turned out a little more... neon than I expected... :-p I'm hoping it will grow on me... Maybe once I get my white furniture in there it will tone it down some. :-P

Kevin's corner and what will be my wall/corner... :)

This is what will be the den... When we get new living room furniture, the white couch that we have now will go in here. It makes down into a bed, so it will also serve as a another guestroom if we need it. :) The color in here is Dill Pickle. :-P It actually does sort of resemble the inside of a pickle... I think it looks more like a Granny Smith Apple though. :)

This will be the official guest bedroom. Once we get new furniture for our room, the bedroom suite we have in there now will go in here. The walls will also be painted "Purple Lace", the same color that was in my old bedroom at my parents' house. :)

This is the guest bathroom and the cats' domain for right now... :) The shower curtain that matches my bedspread now will be put in here and the walls will be painted a sage green to match. :)

And finally, our deck and back yard. :) I love the bench, it is a great place to sit outside and relax. :)

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