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Amanda and Stewart
September 9, 2006

February 11-13, 2005
This weekend one of my bridesmaids and best friends, Mandi Brue, came to visit. :) Mandi and her boyfriend Allen drove down on Friday and we all went to Rosie's for lunch.

The rest of the weekend Mandi and I spent scrapbooking, baking, and watching Alias! :) We had a great time and I hope she comes to visit again very soon!!


I finally got to meet Tommy Tuberville!!!!!!! :) War Eagle!!! :)
August 7, 2004

Ryan, Kevin and Amanda
Summer 2003 and Summer 2004

Laurel, Amanda, Jake, and Kevin :)
February 22, 2003

Amanda and Laura :)
February 10, 2003

Stewart and Amanda
Auburn University Graduation
December 16, 2002

Kevin, Amanda, Mandi and Allen at the Whatley BBQ :)
February 16, 2002

I thought I was looking at the camera...

Amanda and Stewart :)
"You're psycho ... wait.. are you blushing??!" ;)

Mrs. Fowler and Amanda :)

Amanda with Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Richard Fuller :)
December 8, 2001

Becky, Lisa, ... , Lori and Kevin, Chris, Amanda, and Kevin :)

Ryan, Mr. Bottoms, Kevin, Mrs. Bottoms and Amanda at Thanksgiving in Pensacola :)

Me. :)
(Yeah, that's Wes beside me. He was making a mean face. :-P)

Mandi and Amanda :)

Amanda Green and Amanda Jernigan at Samford Hall :)

Greer's head is chopped off :)

Greer and Amanda :)

Spring Break 2001

Heart to Heart 2001
Lisa, Amanda, Katey, Katie and all the girls :)

Amanda and Laura "studying" at JM. :)

Grady and Amanda :)

70s Skating - (I'm the only one who dressed up!)
Grady Smith, Amanda Green, and Molly Deagan

Venture 2000 - The Tysons

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