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Photo Rag Quilt
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I had so much fun making my first rag quilt, I immediately had to start another one. And I had just the project in mind! Several years ago I was browsing through a craft store when I came across printable fabric. Yes, printable fabric you put in your regular home printer and print digital pictures from your computer onto it. I thought, "Well! If anybody needs printable fabric, it's gotta be me." So despite the outrageous high price of this printable fabric, I had to pick up a pack. I've been saving this fabric for nearly 4 years now, just waiting for the right project to come along. And I have to say, this rag quilt was *perfect*!!! :)

I picked out coordinating fabric to match our living room so I could snuggle under the new photo quilt and watch movies. ;)

I have to say, I am super-impressed with Printed Treasures Printable Fabric. For fabric, the print quality is surprisingly crisp and sharp. And I didn't even use fancy photography / printing equipment- the photo above was taken several years ago with a regular point and shoot camera, and granted, I do have a nice photo printer (the Canon i9900) but it's several years old and definitely not current top-of-the-line quality. (You can't even buy ink for it in the stores anymore! You have to special order it! :P) You can even machine wash and dry the printed fabric. This quilt was machine washed (gentle cycle, Tide liquid detergent) and dried (low heat) 3 times before I took pictures of it. The colors did not fade or bleed at all. Before washing, you could definitely feel a difference between the regular fabric and the printed fabric, but after washing, the pictures are just as soft as the other squares and you can't tell a difference by just feeling. One more cool thing- after printing the fabric only takes 1 minute to dry. 60 seconds! That's all! (I hate waiting overnight for stuff to dry! lol)

Miley and Howie think the new blanket is snuggly soft. ;)

Just in case you missed it, this was my first rag quilt! See more pics here.

Rag Quilt Instructions

Here are two sites I found useful when making my quilts:

Rag Quilt Instructions | Making a Rag Quilt

For my quilts, I used fleece in the middle instead of batting. I cut the fleece the same size as the other squares so I didn't have to sew the X to join the fabric and batting together. It just all joined together when I sewed the seams. It definitely saved a step and added an extra layer of warmth. The quilts are very soft and comfy. On the flip side, when sewing, it makes the seams much more bulky and it's more difficult to sew them all together than it would be if done the correct way, or if using a thinner fabric like flannel. Also, fleece does not fray / unravel. At all. lol

I cut my squares to be 8.5" x 8.5". I had to do them that size because the photo fabric was 8.5 x 11, just like regular computer paper. My printer does borderless printing (most new printers do) so I was able to print my pictures to be 8.5 x 8.5. If your printer doesn't have borderless printing, you could print your pictures (and cut your squares) to be 8x8. If you're not doing pictures, I would suggest 9x9 squares... It's more even! lol

I did 1/2" seams and my quilt was 6 x 8 squares, so the finished quilt size was 45" x 60".

To make a quilt this size you will need 96 squares of printed fabric and 48 squares of "batting" fabric (flannel or fleece for the middle). You can get sixteen 8.5" or 9" squares from 1 yard of fabric, so you'll need 6 yards of printed fabric and 3 yards of batting fabric. I used 4 different patterns so I got 1.5 yards of each. You won't have any extra leftover with this amount, so if you think you might mess up, get extra. Teehee.

P.S. If you go with a different brand of printable fabric, be sure to do a test picture first and wash and dry it before you print the rest / sew them into your quilt. I bought a cheaper printable fabric from another craft store and when I tested it out, the image washed completely off! It was definitely not washable! LOL

Good luck!! :)

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