Please see my NEWLY UPDATED Scrapbooking Studio!!!

Welcome to my Scrapbook Room! Feel free to take a look around. :)

Please click image to see a larger version.
My Dad made the desk and paper holders for me!!!

The desk is one huge L-shaped desk with a great storage cabinet in the corner. It was made especially for me by my Dad! :D

Epson Photo Stylus 1280
12x12 Printer

Dahle 550 Trimmer

Frames from Linen's N Things; "a" from

Scrap Paper Storage
Sterilite Clear Plastic Storage Containers

Idea Books and Magazines
Clear Magazine Files from The Container Store

Pampered Chef Tool Turn About &
Precious Moments Scrapbooking Figurine - "Dear Friend, My Love for You Will Never Fade Away"

Eyelets - Containers from Making Memories

8.5x11 and 12x12 Paper Storage
My dad made the paper holders on the shelves!!
Tall Paper Towers - Display Dynamics, Inc

Take a Peek Inside my Desk...

Adhesive Drawer

Stamping Drawer

Alphabet Charms & Punches Drawer

My Ribbon Storage! :)
I keep most of my ribbon in a drawer, pictured on the left. They are rolled up in the little Embellishment Boxes from Cropper Hopper. I had a heck of a time rolling up all my ribbon and putting it in there, until I begged Kevin to help me and he invented a way of rolling them up on his cordless screwdriver. I had spent 3 days rolling up ribbon and hadn't even gotten halfway through. He came in and rolled up the rest of my ribbon in like 10 mins. :-P I even took all of my ribbon that was on spools and unrolled it and put it in the boxes because it was so much neater and saved so much space! :)
The Cropper Hopper boxes will only hold ribbon up to 1/2" wide, so I got Ribbon Organizers from Target (on the right) to hold my wider ribbon, and to keep my smaller scraps that weren't worth putting in their own box. ;)

Under desk Corner Storage


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