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Snowshoe, West Virginia
January 6-10, 2002

Mark, Emily, Beth, Amanda and Ben

Emily, Beth, Amanda, Ben, Mark, Zach, Jonathan, and Aaron

Amanda, Emily, and Beth playing in the snow drifts on their private balcony. :)

Ben, Amanda, and Mark on the Ballhooter Lift

Aaron, Ben, Amanda, and Mark

"Okay, now you have to be nice to me and at least act like you like me." :)

See Emily ski.
See Emily fly down the ski slope.
See Emily slam into the guard fence, bounce back three feet and land flat on her back, unharmed.

Hear Emily talk about herself in third person for the rest of the trip. :)

"So, what are we going to do now?"
"Okay everybody, we're going to stop and take a picture!!!"

Ben, Jonathan, Zach, Mark, and Emily
Whose brilliant idea this was, I have no idea, I just agreed to take the picture. :)

Emily, Mark, Amanda, Ben, and Beth hanging out apres ski at Stellar Coffee

Mark and Zach
Don't let them fool you, they're not really that cute. ;)

While everyone else was skiing, Amanda and Mr. Guy were trying to figure out how to upload pictures to their laptops. ;)

Amanda, Emily, and Beth warming up by the fire after a long day skiing.
Well, relatively long, as far as Amanda is concerned. ;)

Emily, Beth, Aaron, Zach, Amanda, Mark, Ben, and Jonathan

Mark, Amanda, Beth, Ben, and Emily playing cards at the coffee shop.

Mark and Amanda cheating at cards at the coffee shop. :)

At the top of the Ballhooter Lift, overlooking the Ballhooter slope and the lake in the background. :)

A slope at Silvercreek

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