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Snowshoe, West Virginia
February 12-16, 2006


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kevinandamanda_small.jpg momanddad_small.jpg
This year Kevin and I went skiing with my parents in Snowshoe, West Virginia. For about the past 15 years, my parents and I have had an annual tradition of skiing at Snowshoe. However, since Kevin and I have been married, I haven't been able to go. This year was the first year since we were married that I was able to join my parents on their annual ski trip, and this time I brought Kevin with me! This was the first time he'd ever seen that much snow all in one place! :)

There was tons of snow this year, and the skiing conditions were great. :)

Kevin didn't ski with us, but he kept himself busy doing tons of other things in the snow! Like building a snowman...

kevindive1_small.jpg kevindive2_small.jpg kevindive3_small.jpg
Diving in the snow...

dad1_small.jpg dad2_small.jpg
Pulling other people into the snow! ...

kevinhill1_small.jpg kevinhill2_small.jpg amandahill_small.jpg
And rolling down hills :)

amandatubing_small.jpg kevintubing_small.jpg kevinandamandatubing_small.jpg
On our last night there, the whole family went tubing down the snow-covered slopes!

dadtube_small.jpg momtube_small.jpg
Even my mom and dad!

We had a great trip and already have plans for next year!


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