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Brevard, North Carolina
May 28-31, 2005


Every year for our anniversary, Kevin and I visit someplace with lots of waterfalls! We love being outdoors, hiking, and most of all, waterfalls! This year we decided to go to Brevard, North Carolina, also known as “The Land of the Waterfalls.” It sounded perfect for us! We stayed in the Valley View Cabin, which was less than one mile from Dupont State Park, home to four of the waterfalls we visited this year. The cabin was very cozy, and sported a very nice porch swing with a beautiful view!


After settling in the first day we arrived, we wasted no time in checking out the falls nearest the cabin at Dupont State Park. As it turned out, there were 3 falls very close to each other and very close to the cabin, and we were able to visit all three of them before it got too dark. These three falls ended up being our favorite out of them all, and we came back to visit them several more times before our trip was up. The first one we came to was Hooker Falls, pictured above.
  The next fall we went to was Triple Falls. As the name suggests, it is actually three waterfalls all in a row. From the trail we used, you start at the bottom and hike to the top. One of the things we really liked about these falls and all the falls at Dupont was the fact that we were able to safely climb on the falls, and view them from the top, bottom, and pretty much any angle we wanted! We loved climbing all over Triple Falls.
  Lower Triple Falls:


  Middle Triple Falls:

  Upper Triple Falls:


  Triple Falls Views:


The last place we visited on our first day there was High Falls. I was most excited about seeing this fall because it looked so amazing in all the pictures I’d seen. It was even more breathtaking in person. You can walk right up to the base of this 150-foot fall and touch the water. We didn’t spend as much time at this incredible waterfall as I would’ve liked.



Bridal Veil Falls is another waterfall at Dupont State Park, but we didn’t go there until our last day. It’s a good thing too, because it ended up being much further away than the first three falls! And we ended up taking a different trail back to our car than the trail we used to get there, and hiked a lot further than we planed on…. Bridal Veil Falls had an upper and lower section to it as well.



The second day of our trip we visited the falls of Pisgah National Forest, which was about 20 minutes from the cabin. There were some beautiful falls here, with lots of great hiking, and it is home to the famous natural waterslide, Sliding Rock. :)

  Looking Glass Falls:

  Moore Cove Falls:

  Laughing Falls:

  Sliding Rock:

Sliding Rock is a 60-foot plunge into the coldest water you have ever felt in your entire life. Of course I made Kevin go first and test it out. He ended up doing it three times, but I could only go once. The water was just TOO cold. I screamed bloody murder the entire way down, much to the amusement of our onlookers…


While we were at Pisgah National Forest, we stopped by the gift shop and picked up a guidebook for finding some other waterfalls in the area. That night, we read about all the waterfalls and picked out the ones we wanted to visit the next day. We woke up bright and early on Monday, guidebook in hand, and set out to view all the waterfalls we’d read about. However, after driving over an hour and hiking a strenuous 5 miles only to come to a crappy overlook of a faraway fall, we chucked the guidebook. :) We think it’s somewhere in Turkey Creek now…

Since we’d driven so far, we ended up being not to far from Whitewater Falls, so we decided to go ahead check out the overlook there.

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