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February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!! Today was my 7th Valentine's Day with Kevin (6th if you only count the years we've been married.. but I don't ;)). I had *no* idea that today would be the most thoughtful, surprising and memorable Valentine's Day I've ever had. My first surprise was when two dozen red roses were delivered... along with... chocolates! :D Now, I am normally not a big chocolate eater, but last year Kevin also got me chocolates and I was just so shocked because no one has ever given me chocolates on Valentine's Day before!! Even though, besides roses, it's got to be the most popular gift given on Valentine's Day, right?? But I'd never gotten them! :) I was so happy to be treated so girly and "pampered" that of course I had to eat the whole box. That night. *ahem* Since they were so well-received last year, Kevin thoughtfully sent them again this year. :D And this year, I managed to take a picture before I scarfed them all down. ;)

My Roses! :) Aren't they gorgeous? :)
Kevin has only bought me red roses once before, 7 years ago on our first Valentine's Day together. Since I don't get them that often (once every 7 years I guess! :D) these were an especially wonderful surprise. And I've *never* received that many flowers, two dozen roses all at once, from anyone! :) They just look so perfect in the vase.. :D

Now *here's* a real treat! Recently I've discovered a new website, The Pioneer Woman Cooks. She has got some *great* recipes, that are not only guaranteed to taste *delicious* but also make you laugh out loud while you're reading them! :) I have made at least 6 of her recipes over the past 2 weeks, and we have thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of them. :D (Stay tuned because I will be doing a separate post just about her recipes! :)) As a Valentine's gift to her readers, The Pioneer Woman posted a 4-part recipe for the perfect Valentine's Day Meal. Since Kevin knows about my new love for and obsession with this site, he knew the perfect Valentine's Day gift for me... as if the roses and chocolates weren't enough... He was going to make The Meal of Love for me. *swoon* Now, don't be confused... Kevin isn't one of those guys that enjoys cooking... at.. all.. And I don't know what on earth possessed him to want to do this for me, but.. do you see me complainin'?? No. I'm taking pictures!! :D Kevin went to the grocery store and bought all the ingredients himself. Here he is, for the first time in his life, I'm sure, peeling potatoes for our Meal of Love. (Notice the laptop tuned to the Pioneer Woman's website, complete with photographic instructions! :D)

The dog's wait patiently at Kevin's feet, hoping he will accidentally drop some potatoes.

He did!! Unfortunately Howie thinks raw potatoes are grody and can't understand
how something as tasty as french fries could come these cold hard scraps. ;)

Kevin consults the Pioneer Woman again on how he should make the roasted garlic.

Mmm, look at those steamy potatoes! :)

Miley and Howie wait just outside the kitchen
(where they are banished if they get too underfoot) wondering if dinner will ever be ready!

Hehe. I snuck that shot while Kevin was reaching for a pan. *ahem!* Now Kevin seasons the garlic. Yummy.

Oh my, look at those creamy potatoes!!

Can you smell the garlic?? It smells woooooonderful. It's all nice and roasty and ready to be put in the potatoes!

Wouldja look at these juicy, sizzlin' steaks?? I could barely keep from drooling while taking these pics. :D

And here's what I've been waiting for!!! :D

But wait! I put that rose on the plate, you know, to make it all pretty and fancy for the picture and stuff. SOMEHOW, I don't know how, but Kevin snuck in ANOTHER surprise... After I had taken the perfect picture of this delectable steak, I picked up the rose to put it back in it's vase. And I would've never guessed what I found hiding behind the rose...

At this point, I was like, OH MY GOODNESS, what on EARTH did I do to DESERVE all this??!
Absolutely nothing, I can tell you that much!

Here was my one and only and lonely contribution to Valentine's Day 2008: The Pioneer Woman's Chocolate Pie.
And it was very yummy. :D

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